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How do I determine if the Willie & Max Saddlebags I want will fit my bike?

Willie & Max Saddlebags
are universally designed to fit over or under the seat of most standard motorcycles.

The proper measurements that are required for our universally fitting Willie & Max Saddlebags are as follows (see diagram below):

1. Measure side to side, from the back of the saddle, (riders position) to the arm of the directional signal, and compare the width measurements of the desired Willie & Max Saddlebags. This measurement should be greater than the Willie & Max Saddlebags width.

2. Measure from top to bottom. Use the bottom of the seat pad to the top of the exhaust pipe as a reference, and allow no less than 1 greater than the height of the desired Willie & Max Saddlebags for clearance.

Willie & Max Saddlebags Installation

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Using the lace that tied the two halves together, overlap the two yokes, aligning the holes, making sure that you will have enough clearance to keep the bottom of the Willie & Max Saddlebags from touching the exhaust pipes. Check the clearance of the Willie & Max Saddlebags from the pipes with the Willie & Max Saddlebags loaded to ensure that touching will not happen at any time. Each yoke has multiple holes punched into them. Depending on the width and thickness of your seat, position the yokes so that they are long enough to overlap and hang without obstruction. Lace the two sides together as you would a shoe, crisscrossing the lace. Tie the ends together with a secure knot. Excess lace can be cut off. Sear the ends with a match or a lighter to ensure that they don't unravel.

Place the Willie & Max Saddlebags over your seat, (making sure that it faces forward for our slant style Willie & Max Saddlebags). You will be able to determine the front by looking at the Willie & Max Saddlebags, it should look like it leans forward. Please note that we highly recommend saddle Willie & Max Saddlebags supports.

There are additional laces or cable ties included in your Willie & Max Saddlebags. Each half Willie & Max Saddlebags has two web tabs on the sides. Using the additional laces or cable ties, secure the tabs to your motorcycle. This is a must requirement! This secures each half Willie & Max Saddlebags to your motorcycle. Because our products fit a number of styles and sizes of motorcycles, we do not have specific places we recommend to secure the tabs to your bike. However, there are numerous securing points on your bike to accomplish this task. Hopefully this information helps clarify the mounting process.

Willie & Max Saddlebags
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